online payments

Now you can easily pay your balances online

**Please follow these instructions closely to make sure that you are paying the correct amount to the right account**

  • At Asula, our EMR software has different cases (accounts) for each service type offered at our offices.   You may have more than one account number on your statement if you have a balance due for multiple accounts.  The account numbers will look like these examples: 938-MM CHIRO, 3155-ASH MC ACU, 5587-MM NATURO, 4793-TOS MASSAGE.  You will need to submit separate payments for each account.
  • On your statement, please look for each individual account number and enter ONLY THE NUMERIC NUMBER of your ChiroTouch account number in the “Customer ID” field. From the examples above, you would enter 938, 3155 or 5587.
  • Enter the email address we have on file for you.  If you enter an email address that we do not have on file, it will not process your payment correctly.  If you do not have an email address on file or forgot which one is stored in your file, please call us so we can add it into your profile or remind you what we have stored on file.  You may also call in with a credit card or mail back the bottom portion of your statement if you prefer to not store an email address in your account.
  • Click “Returning Customer.”  Do not click “New Customer” as it will create a new account that is not attached to your existing account(s).
  • Enter the amount due as noted on your statement.  Only enter the amount due for the specific account you are currently paying, and not the grand total.
  • Follow the prompts to enter demographic and billing information.
  • Click on “Click Here to Pay.”  An email confirmation will automatically be sent to you.
  • Repeat this process for balances due on your other accounts.

Click here to make a payment online.  If you have any questions or need technical help, please contact our billing team at 503-789-6045.

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