Maintain your skin's balance naturally.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and its health and appearance can be influenced by imbalances in your body, just like your digestive and endocrine systems. The goal of Naturopathy is to establish equilibrium from the inside out, which is why we are excited to announce that we will be adding new skin procedures to our menu of Naturopathic services, offered by Dr. Colleen Tyler and Dr. Mollie Walker.

These new skin procedures will help amplify the work you are already doing with your Naturopath, by addressing skin imbalances and damage caused by exposures, diet, and lifestyle.

Our doctors will work with each individual to create a treatment plan that will work for your specific needs to address many aspects of your health. Our whole-body approach takes into account all organ systems, their functions and how one’s diet, lifestyle, history and exposures play key factors in your skin health.

Microneedling with the FDA-approved SkinPen is a non-invasive, safe and effective skin remodeling procedure. It creates microscopic channels in the skin to activate the body’s natural healing power to increase collagen and elastin production. This promotes a healthier, smoother, more rejuvenated appearance and has been clinically proven to reduce acne scars and wrinkles. The procedure is quick, easy, has little downtime, and does not require harsh chemicals. Results are safe for all skin types.

Microneedling Session: $350
**If you buy a package after your first session, you get an extra $50 off the microneedling package.
Package of 3 Microneedling sessions: $900