digestive health

digestive health

Digestive issues can seriously impact daily functioning, not to mention, create major frustration when you are unsure about the cause of your symptoms. The gut is deeply interconnected with the functioning of all your biological systems (including hormone and neurotransmitter production), which can show up as skin rashes, sleep disruption, mood irregularities, disruptions to your menstrual cycle, and weight loss/gain. The most common symptoms associated with digestive imbalance include constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, cramping, acid reflux, and abdominal pain.

If you are suffering from isolated or systemic digestive health issues, we can help. Our Naturopath’s offer a variety of effective diagnostic tests to uncover challenges with food sensitivities and allergies, bacterial or parasitic infections, nutrient absorption, and healthy nutrition. We can also assist with natural remedies to improve symptoms related to chronic conditions such as IBS and Chron’s Disease. Candida overgrowth is another common cause of digestive issues that can be effectively treated with herbs and a dietary plan designed to starve the growth of bacteria in your GI tract.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have always been revered for their power to heal the digestive tract. Through herbs and tonifying the Qi in the meridians of the body, acupuncture can calm an overactive digestive tract or wake up a sluggish one. Additionally, chiropractic manipulation of the spine and joints can alleviate interference to the nervous system that prevents healthy digestive functioning. Our multi-disciplinary approach to digestive health is designed to restore your body’s normal functioning so that you can enjoy every day, without complications.

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