Whiplash is a neck injury caused by an abrupt jerking motion of the head, oftentimes resulting from a car accident. There are many physiological implications of whiplash, including damage to the intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, cervical muscles and/or nerve roots. Whiplash can be extremely uncomfortable, making it difficult to perform daily tasks and get a good night’s rest. Fortunately, we can help.

Common complaints after a whiplash injury can be pain, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, swelling and intense stiffness or loss of range of motion. Sometimes the symptoms are immediate, other times it takes several days or weeks to feel the full extent of your injuries. It is important to seek immediate treatment for a whiplash injury, whether or not you are symptomatic. Many studies show this can dramatically influence your recovery time and help you to move through the injury without any long-term symptoms.

Because whiplash usually affects soft tissues such as the discs, muscles and ligaments, an integrative approach is often used to promote healing. This may involve chiropractic care combined with massage, acupuncture and/or naturopathic supplements. It is important to reduce the inflammation from the injury, correct the alignment of the spine, restore the range of motion to the joints, help muscle fibers heal in healthy patterns, and strengthen the neck afterward for long-term stability and function.

If you are experiencing neck stiffness or soreness associated with whiplash, it is extremely important to seek holistic health care as early as possible. Left untreated, whiplash may result in chronic pain and discomfort. Most patients who treat their whiplash with an integrative approach can recover fully and enjoy their life without the limitations of an injury. While whiplash injuries are best managed by Doctors of Chiropractic, all of our services are utilized in your treatment plan.

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