Massage emphasizes balanced movement and touch therapy.

The health benefits of massage have been recognized by many cultures for hundreds of years. It is commonly used to resolve chronic tension patterns, rehabilitate sports injuries such as strains and sprains, and decrease feelings of anxiety. Massage works by lowering the body’s stress mechanisms, including cortisol levels and blood pressure. Physical muscle manipulation has been shown to increase blood flow and lymph circulation, and also to decrease the tension in muscles.

At Asula, massage therapy is often prescribed in the chiropractic plan, which for some patients, means it will be covered by their insurance. Our therapists are highly skilled and trained in working with injury and helping patients to return to their lives without the limitations of pain and discomfort. Asula’s massage therapists are also chiropractic assistants, so in addition to facilitating deep physical and mental relaxation, they are highly trained in helping the body recover from injury. Massages are offered in a serene and soothing environment conducive to healing and nurturing the body. A variety of massage methods are used, including:

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Massage Visits: 60 min