Dr. Karina Donskoy

Dr. Karina Donskoy Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Karina grew up in Los Angeles, California after immigrating as a young child with her family from Russia. She attended University of California, Santa Cruz for her Bachelor’s degree. She studied Forensic Anthropology and romanticized becoming the next “Bones” in reality. She quickly realized that working in this field was very emotionally challenging; the worst part was all your clients were passed away! A timely bike accident at the time introduced Karina to the world of physical therapy and chiropractic. She began volunteering in hospitals and rehab clinics and enjoyed her years working as a physical therapy aide.
Her forensic science and anatomy background and passion for an active lifestyle blended together perfectly, and Karina attended Palmer West College of Chiropractic, in San Jose, California. Karina was active in the Motion Palpation club and weekend seminars, Sports Council events, and enjoyed treating an active demographic. She was very active in the Crossfit community (and still is!) and enjoyed participating in local competitions.

Dr. Karina truly believes in the power of chiropractic for everyone and enjoys treating a vast demographic from newborn age to the very elderly. She enjoys utilizing instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, rock tape, rehab education, and manual adjusting to treat her patients and get them out of pain and back to enjoying their lives and activities.

Outside of work, Karina enjoys camping, backpacking, and munching on delicious freeze dried meals in the backcountry. She’s enjoyed living out of a pack in Yosemite, Zion, the Wallowa Mountains, Whistler, Banff, etc. She has a pair of young sibling Australian Shepherds named Henry and Ellie who are the loves of her life. When not outside, Karina enjoys crossfitting, binging on Stephen King novels, and obsessing over burritos.