Annette Zoe Fallian

Annette Zoe Fallian Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist

Zoë has been interested in the medical and healing arts for most of her life. She decided to study Chinese Medicine, and has been completely taken by its beauty and poetry, by its coherence and logic, and most importantly, by its effectiveness. Zoë is fascinated by how our bodies respond to acupuncture. Every single patient presents a unique puzzle and a new process of discovery. Each treatment is a personalized approach to what brings health and balance to the body. Finding the best approach and seeing results are deeply fulfilling experiences as a practitioner, and she is always in awe that people allow her to go along on this journey with them.
As Zoë continues to practice, her strengths and areas of focus continue to evolve.  She is experienced in working with pain management but equally loves the diversity and intensity of internal medicine. She treats women who are experiencing menstrual or menopausal symptoms, men who are dealing with infertility, sexual dysfunction, or prostate issues; she helps patients deal with chronic and acute pain, stress, insomnia, digestive issues, and a number of other health concerns. By using acupuncture and herbal medicine, Zoë has access to a powerful approach that allows her to address not only the physical, but also the emotional aspects of health and well-being.
Zoë has degrees in math and psychology. In 2007 she enrolled at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. After completing the Asian bodywork certification program there, she moved to Portland, OR where she received her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. As Zoë learns more about this medicine, she is continually fascinated by its depth. It paints a whole picture of the person in his/her environment and uses a poetic metaphor to help solve the puzzle of disease and bring about wellness.