Blake Fraser

Blake Fraser Licensed Massage Therapist & Chiropractic Assistant

Blake has over 800 hours of traditional education in western and eastern modalities as well as an additional 450 hours of education as an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist, including in-depth anatomy, kinesiology, pathologies, special testing and postural assessment.

With a specialty in medical rehabilitation, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, he is passionate about correcting the root causes of clients’ discomfort through trigger point specific type work, deep tissue, passive and active stretches and many more modalities to reach our goals of not only immediate relief, but even more importantly, long-lasting relief and the ability to get back to our activities of daily living pain free!

In a typical session expect a collaborative environment (we are working together!) so you can obtain the best results through the necessary modalities. By the end of each session you will be able to measure our results through re-assessments and create a more well-rounded health care plan in collaboration with your other healthcare professionals.

Lets get started!

LMT #26427