James Jennings

James Jennings Licensed Massage Therapist & Chiropractic Assistant

James has practiced since 2002, and found a love for healing long-term pain that is laid down in layers of tissue both shallow and deep. His work is slow and James believes that tissue changes over time, with patience, pressure, and listening hands. He adapts to your needs and listens to what your goals are. James has studied Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Trauma Release Therapy, Reiki, and Swedish techniques.

He uses the tools of the trade to help athletes improve their performance, people in pain reduce their pain over time, and to calm people who’s stress has become long term.

The most rewarding work James has done was providing Hospice Massage through Providence Hospital. Bringing peace to people and a calming presence to their families was greatly fulfilling. He learned that touching one person touches many.