Megan Parks

Megan Parks Licensed Massage Therapist & Chiropractic Assistant

Megan is a graduate of East West College of the Healing arts and uses a blend of modalities that interweave throughout her practice, depending on client needs- often including elements of deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial release, and drawing inspiration from time spent studying the basics of crainosacral and Thai techniques.
An advocate for the therapeutic nature of any type of physical self expression – dance, yoga, and a variety of artistic mediums – I am especially drawn to clay and other tactile outlets, giving me creative and energetic flow to how I approach bodywork.
I see massage as an integral part of a wellness protocol, always from a trauma informed lens, and have a passion for the physiological science of massage — the magic of the body’s inner medicine cabinet.
My main intention as a therapist is to show up with my senses open, and to meet yours in a way that holds space for your own restorative ability. Each body is an individual landscape—  landmarks and terrain that give information on the path that leads back home. I aim to work with you in a session to ground back down to that homeostasis, addressing the somatic holding patterns that come with being human.